We Are

We are a young 'old married couple' travelling through time at the wild edge of North America.

We met in seminary. Theology led us to hospitality. Hospitality led us to food and shelter, and those doors open many other doors out of doors. We spent a week at Iona, and we call our little house Ledaig - a safe harbor - in honor of that pilgrimage.

Our watchwords:

Sabbath - there is always enough, and our work of life grows by grace.

Healing - scars of alienation and exile that separate humanity from God and from Earth.

Training - each day, month, season, and year pushes us to grow in wisdom.

Shalom - our place is ordered so that every part supports the others in a peaceful pact of life.

Cultivation - our home is in this order, and we seek to act in it.

Contemplation - people and places have stories; hospitality is listening.

Courage - amid unrighteous rulers, inhuman systems, and stories of fear.